Monday, January 21, 2019

Palm oil Event by Malaysian Palm oil Council

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Let’s plan to get a little more healthy in 2019!
Today I am going to talk to you about Health Benefits of Palm oil.

Malaysian Palm oil council (MPOC)  India hosted Palm oil Gourmet Delights Bloggers meet for bloggers at ARDOR 2.1 Connaught place, DELHI to clear myths and misconceptions surrounding palm oil. 

So let me take you through the entire event-

Firstly DR Bhavna Shah - Country Representative - India/Sri Lanka of Malaysian Palm Oil Council briefed us about the health benefits of Palm oil.

Health Benefits of PALM OIL -
  • It is a natural source of Carotenoids. Many carotenoids contain Vitamin A which is an effective antioxidant that helps strengthens the body’s immune system and reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease and cataract. 
  • Palm oil is rich in Vitamin E . In fact, no other vegetable oil has as much Vitamin E compared to PalmOil. Vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant, capable of reducing  the harmful types of oxygen molecules (free radicals) in the body. This means they may help to protect you from certain chronic diseases, while delaying the body’s ageing process.
  • It is Trans fatty Acid (TFA) free. Solid fats made from palm oil are better for health as they do not have to go through hydrogenation. Hydrogenation of oils produces TFAs along with saturated fatty acids. TFAs can cause breast cancer, colonic cancer, and heart disease.
  • It is a nutritious oil. Another reason why you need palm oil is because it supplies fatty acids as well as important fat-soluble micronutrients like vitamins D, E and K. Fatty acids are raw materials for building the membranes of every cell in your body, including your bones, nerves and brain! The micronutrients keep your body cells    healthy.  
  • Palm oil is very rich in calories. One gram of palm oil supplies 9 Kcal of energy. Energy should come from all groups of food, including fats and oils. Adults need  between 1,800 Kcal to 2,000 Kcal per day, out of which up to 30% can be obtained from fats and oils.

After we were briefed about the health benefits in a presentation.We then moved for fun activities planned in the form of a Food Hunt.

They divided the bloggers in small groups and each group was given a clue card which  had the hint for the next restaurant.Once the group identified the name of the restaurant, they had to reach there and do an activity which was already set up for the participants. A lot of activities were conducted like a food hunt, blind tasting, salad making, interactive quiz and pan eating contest.

The Food hunt began with some clue cards.

Clue 1 -

Answer: Pandey Paan

So the Blogger Teams had to find the pan corner and go to enjoy the Butterscotch Pan!
The cashews in pan were fried in palm oil which helps in making it healthy.

Clue 2 -

Answer: My Bar Headquarters


So the Teams headed their for a fun SALAD making competition using PALM OIL.


It was a lot of fun using all the healthy ingredients and the main ingredient which added to blend them together was Palm oil

Clue 3-


So the bloggers headed here to test their knowledge about Palm oil in the form of a questionnaire.

Clue -4

So everyone went back to ARDOR2.1 and there was a blind tasting waiting for us.
There was a dish (Kadhai paneer) made in palm oil and ingredients of the dish kept in a plate and we had to guess all the ingredients of the dish by blind tasting them.

After completing all the activities the Winning blogger team won trophies presented by Dr Bhavna

This was a very enriching Event where we learned about so many health benefits of Palm oil.
So I will encourage all of you to try it out without any hesitation now!
Thanks to MPOC for such a wonderful event.

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Same T-shirt Styling with Skirt & Jeans

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Its been a while since i shared a fashion look with you girls, so i thought to share an easy fashion look with you all which can  be worn on Friendship's Day!

If you are planning to be out the whole sunday with no time to change your going from a lunch to a movie , then this is how you can style your same tee to be worn with skirt & jeans!

First i'll show you how can you make an outfit dressy by wearing it with a tee-

Take any tee with a cool logo on it, preferably black or white as it goes with every colour. Pair it with a solid colour skirt, i wore a black tee with #OOTD written on it ,with a peach colour skirt and paired it with peach coloured footwear & accessories which made my outfit look very chic!

Now onto the #OOTD Details-

Tee- Print Octopus
Skirt- Forever 21
Sling- Ted Baker
Footwear- Lajpat Nagar Market
Earrings/bracelet - colaba market ,Mumbai

You can then add a pair of sunnies with it!

Now lets go to the pairing of same tee with jeans & adding some accessories along with it!

For the second #OOTD you'll need to carry along your fav jeans in your bag so you can change it before heading for a movie!

You can wear it casually or dress it up with a 
Corset Belt like this!

Girls hope you got some tips onto how can you style the same tee in your wadrobe and change your entire look.
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Thursday, June 8, 2017

LOREAL's New Products Haul

Hi my beauties ❤
How are you all doing?

So as you all read by the title of this post loreal launched a ton of new products and i wanted to share with you all the new launches which i managed to pick up!

These products were launched just before cannes festival and i must admit, some of these lipsticks are definitely worth buying!

Then they finally launched their Makeup setting spray and since i love trying new setting sprays i had to get it!

The only thing that i missed were their highlighters as the shades i wanted were out of stock. 
But never the less let me take you through what i got my hands on!


First of all, look at the gorgeous definitely attracted me towards it.
Its so chic and looks so luxurious when kept on your vanity or in your handbag! It comes in 8 shades.

I chose the shade Orchid Blossom!

So you open the tube cap with a twist-off packaging and it comes with a sponge tip applicator.

Then sponge tip has the same colour as your packaging and the powdery pigment of lipstick stain is picked up from the cap.

You can build the opacity of the lipstick stain by layering,which it easily layers!

I love the hue of the pigment so opaque and buildable.

The only con of this lipstick was it fades from the center after you eat something greasy/watery!

It retails for Rs 1050 for 0.9gms , which is slightly on the expensive side but you can always pick this up in deals and it is definitely a must have for your collection as it is very travel friendly and you don't have a fear of the lipstick tube breaking or occupying space!

This range has really nice shades and i give it 4.5/5 ★★★★✮

2. Loreal Infallible Makeup Extender Setting spray-

It was something i was looking forward to since it lauched in India.
It retails for Rs 999, which again is pricey considering it is considered a drugstore brand but loreal has now stepped up from being a drugstore brand to a little top notch brand.

One thing i dint like about this setting spray was its wasn't fresh like my mac fix+ but it smells a bit chemically, like a hairspray smell, if you can relate!

A fragrance in a face mist is a very crucial factor for me but since it does keep my makeup intact for 5-6 hrs (more than what i dint test) i could ignore its smell.

I like that it has fine mist to set your makeup so you can give it a shot if you are looking for a new makeup setting spray and since it is oil free, it won't clog your pores!

I would give it 3.5/5 ★★★✮

3. Loreal Rouge magique Lipstick

Loreal really kills it with their packaging ❤
The pink & Black lipstick packaging had me at first sight!

Now this one is comparitively so affordably priced that you just have to have one out of the 12 shades they have in this.
This shade is definitely my favourite!
its called Secret Date!

This lipstick is so gorgeous that i couldn't believe it will be this affordable! It retails for Rs 650.

It is so comfortable to wear, so pigmented and yet sooo long lasting! 

It has jojoba and canina oil for nourishment and pure matte intense colour!
What else do you expect from a lipstick?

They have a lovely shade range!
I will definitely be picking up one more from it!

This is such a pretty mauvy pink that it looks so flattering!
This shade would suit all skin tones!

I was very happy with this shade and i got many compliments when i wore it too ☺

You can buy the loreal range from any cosmetics store or from 

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Matrika's Creative Women's Journal

Hi lovelies,

Today i will be reviewing this Creative and cute journal from Matrikas Paper products.

So i came across this journal on facebook and i was so intrigued to buy it as the notebook looked so interesting and appealing!

This has become my favourite notebook to plan, organise my work & my partner for the perfect "ME" time!

Why is this you ask?
I will take you through each aspect as to why you will need this in your life!

If you are looking to sort your life by buying a planner then your search ends here!
This journal is designed keeping in mind the woman of today, who is sorted,organised ,is creative and loves to fulfill her dreams!

They have four journals according to four types-

→ To Fly (firefly) Brown journal
→ To write (feather) Red journal
→ To Glide (Fish) Blue journal
→ To Dream (Butterfly) Pink Journal

So i ordered the "To Dream" journal and when i received it i was so in awe of it.I knew it will be my perfect partner to pen down my creative thoughts!

Now let me begin by taking you through my favourite journal!
Its A5 in size and is encased in jewel toned satin cloth with a golden butterfly print embossed on top, which i absolutely fell in love with ❤

Its lets my mind wander into its happy place ☺

☝ So as soon as u open the journal, you have space to fill in your personal data which i find is so necessary to personalise the notebook and depict a sense of ownership!

☝ Then a cute note explaining about the contents of notebook which definitely helps to introduce beginners to Matrikas journal.

☝ Then they have ruled sheets inside which definitely helps to write systematically unlike plain paper.

Then comes the fun part...

☝ In between the ruled sheets are the 16 doodle sheets,called the  "Scribble your heart Away" which are to doodle, to scribble, to write anything that gives u happiness or draw anything you want!

So i scribbled my heart away and wrote inspirational quotes to motivate me everytime i open my journal☺

& guess what doodling pages are not the only thing..there's more to it...

☝ They have 8 adult colouring pages which are intricate drawings which helps you to de-stress while colouring them!

So i had to try my hands at it as since college i hadn't done any coloring..It was actually so enjoyable ☺

If you see closely i shaded darker colors outside the tree and vibrant colors inside which depicts that no matter how dull or dark life may seem, you should always fill it with positivity and cheer!
And the butterfly depicts positive life forces which will automatically get attracted to it ;)

Now onto something which when i saw i was the most elated ☺

☝  Cute and quirky stickers to go along with your creative thoughts!
Yes you read that right! This journal has everything to lift your mood!

With its cute stickers it has completely won me over and i decided to put it to use!

 There are also Places to be visited page so i added the 'Waderlust sticker' there to complete my thought.

There are also 2 pages to note down the name & contact numbers of your networks!

Every ruled sheet also has a space to add the date so you can organise your meetings/assignments according to the date or you can even write about your day.

Also how cute it is that they have a pen holder loop and a elastic band to seal your journal!

This is going to be your best travel partner. It surely will be mine!

Now onto the pricing!
Its is definitely worth that price.It retails for Rs 450 and it available on Amazon! check it out-

You can check out all the variants here-

I surely will be using it to sort my life.
Let me know in the comments below what did u think of it.
If you would buy & which variant would you go for?

Till then..Keep smiling..Keep reading,writing or doodling ;)