Tuesday, January 13, 2015

BB Creams Review

See what BB (blemish balm) or CC (complexion care) creams suit your skin type

When you go to the market looking for a tinted cream to act as a makeup base,you are left confused thinking which one should you go for. I felt the same until i tried all of these and thought to share my suggestions with my beauties to help them not to face the same situation as me. :)

  • Garnier All in one miracle perfector BB cream .This one is a great budget option fot the Dry skin tone beauties but people woth either normal to oily skin can also easily use it during winters. IT gives medium to light coverage and adds a glow,we would all love to have on our skin.Also it beautifully evens out the skin tone making the face look dewy which is good for both dry and normal skin tones. It has SPF 24 and very reasonably priced Rs 99 for 18 g, Rs 199 for 40 g.

  • Ponds white beauty BB cream
It doesnot have hydration qualities so its good for the Normal to Oily skin tones.
It comes with SPF 30 which is very good for the skin.

I would suggest it to be worn with a moisturizer for the dry skin people and then it works wonders :)
It also comes in two sizes one Rs 69/- for 9 grms and Rs 125/- for 18 grms.

Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB cream

It a bit pricey product for Rs.1095 but totally worth its price :)
It gives good coverage and complements your skin tone making it totally flawless just like its name.
It comes in 3 shades depending which color complements your skin tone and accordingly you can buy it.
This is perfect for people with oily skin as it leaves the skin matte so people with normal to dry skin can apply with a moisturizer underneath.

It is my perfect party go to bb cream coz it adds a glow to my face and not only the coverage but it also heals your skin bcoz of the healing TeaTree ingredient,which is using to prevent acne.

Total thumbs up! :)

  • Lakme CC cream
    When a new product comes in the market saying its the much needed skin stylist.You do get lured to buy it to test it ;)
    So i took my hands on the CC cream and thinking that it might have moisturizer plus the tint i tried it but to my dissatisfaction it wasn't so perfect until next time i tried with a moisturizer and then dotting it across and applying it.
    It has a very tangy smell same as the lakme sunscreen,i guess the same sunscreen has been added to the cc cream.But if you ignore the scent.Its a good product but if i have to compare it with the ponds bb cream then that does a better job! This is for medium coverage and is for Rs250 in one size packaging.

    So my beauties do let me know in comments below which ones have you tried and liked.Would appreciate your views on it too.
    Stay beautifull
     :) XO


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