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17 January 2015, Lifestyle With Priya

Mumbai is a city of Dreams.Whenever i plan to visit this beautiful city i am left awestruck with it.Sure there is hustle and bustle but yet there is the calmness of the sea which travels along with us reminding us,that no matter how many years will come and go but this beautiful sea will always be the same,reminding us of  Mumbai in its TRUE SENSE. :D

It took my heart away once more when i traveled there in November 2014.
It had been a while since i went there and i know i had to take a trip down to Mumbai.
This time i wanted to go there just after the Diwali festivities unlike Summers how i usually used to go.
I have some relatives there so i just planned and booked my tickets without deciding my itinerary.

I was travelling alone, so i was excited for my journey too.When i was at the Airport i saw STARBUCKS right before when i was about to take my flight.I knew i had to take my Mocha Frapuchinno before i entered my flight.(P.S- Make sure to carry your starbucks card 
just like me if you don't want delays in paying through cash) to be able to make to your flight,just in time ;)

I reached Mumbai on 29th night, it was hot! Unlike how Delhi weather starts to change after Diwali, it was very hot but that dint bother me as i knew i reached one of my most favorite cities in India.I had an amazing feeling while crossing the SEA LINK,i captured the moments,also the night view of Haji Ali from my car.   

Finally i reached my destination,South Bombay and was so elated to plan my upcoming itinerary. :D


It was 30th morning.I got up early to greet my relatives and decided to laze a bit later due to a hectic night before due to packing and travelling.
After the much needed relaxing, me and my aunt decided to head for a Evening Walk at the beautiful "Marine Drive"  :D
Mumbai skyline

Yes as breathtaking as it looks, it was a beautiful walk and we walked all up till the end of marine lines to see the Mumbai skyline <3 :D
And yes on our way back we saw the beautiful lit up Ghoda- Gaadi and had Bombay Bhel from the best places at F road at Marine. :D


I had planned that i wanted to go to the Suburbs of MUMBAI so i decided to Head to Bandra (Linking Road) which is known to be a shoppers paradise for street shopping. Its like Sarojini of Delhi :) You get such amazing feeling when you travel across mumbai from south bombay to worli to getting on to the beautiful SEA-LINK. You just fall in love with this drive and can't seem to get enough of it.

I went shopping krazzy at bandra but due to shortage of time i decided to proceed further to see Dharma's office (being the bollywood fanatic that i am).
So i headed further, as i was told it was near to the linking road and i enjoyed a chocolate brownie in the costa coffee under the office. :)


This time i had decided to visit the two beautiful temples of Mumbai The "SiddhiVinayak Temple" and the "Mahalaxami Temple",which i had not seen since my childhood, so i went ahead to visit it on the 1st Day of the November month itself..which was my DAY3 of Mumbai.

I headed to prabhadevi where Siddhivinayak is and as we all know  has huge queues of devotees coming to the temple all times of the year so as excited as i was, i had to be patient for the darshan.

But being a huge devotee to Ganpati i waited patiently for my turn for the darshan.
It was indeed WORTH THE WAIT.

And then we got the Prasad called Modak from the temple which was really nice. :D
We then ate Vadapao from the very famous restaurant near the temple called "modakkam" which was nothing great but as i was so hungry..i enjoyed it. :)

After that i had to visit the Mahalaxmi temple of Mumbai which has idols of 3 goddesses by Saraswati,Mahalaxmi and Durga..when you enter the lanes of the temple you have all the flower and garland shops ,the pooja thal shops.Also you have the god idol and souvenior stores and the sweet shops 
on both the sides. So i picked up a pooja thaal and famous mahalaxmi trio idol.I had indeed great darshan. It felt great :)


Saturday night :D
It was a saturday and i had to see the mumbai nightlife..i told one of my elder cousin sisters to take me around to have mumbai food and to a mumbai lounge.

As i was getting dressed i was already feeling excited as i knew it was going to be an unforgettable night ;)

My uncle and aunt were going to Club NSCI in worli so they decided to drop me off to swati snacks where i was supposed to meet my cousin.

 I was elated to meet her and as famous as Swati snacks is..we got a waiting.

 To put all of your questions to rest Swati snacks is a very famous Mumbai food snack corner which serves yummy sevpuri, vadapao, frankies and likes...

We Tried the mouthwatering sevpuri,paneer frankie and also paanki which is a dish made of steamed rice flour,Also not to forget vadapao :D

After our delicious snack dinner it was a time to partyyyy! :D

So we headed to our next destination.....CLUB AER Mumbai...To all of you wondering what that place is about...Its got one of The most breathtaking views of MUMBAI CITY as its a open air rooftop lounge which has the view to Marine drive,Mahalaxmi race course and the amazing mumbai flyovers all from the rooftop.So u can sip on those margaritas or LIIT's and you can enjoy such amazing view from the lounge ;)

To know what i am saying Have  a look...  :D

 The gorgeous view of the mumbai buildings and its right that the city never sleeps :)

In this picture there is the Mahalaxmi

racecourse which is lit up in white and
the yellow is obviously the mumbai roads.

My Phone camera couldn't do justice to what i was watching in front of my eyes.

Felt great! :)

P.S this was clicked by me after coming down from Club AER coz i just loveddd that place :D

After Enjoying this place we still wanted to go to a different the night was still young and you knew we were in MUMBAI ;) so we headed to Palladium Hotel, XO club as i had heard a lot about this place so i definitely wanted to check it out!

As we reached there, i noticed suddenly the whole of elite mumbai crowd had lined up in a hugeee queue.It was Insane!

Even though our feet were killing us due to the high heels but still we decided to join the queue :P

The girls never had the fear as delhi girls do, that how would we go back as mumbai transport is much safer and available even till wee hours!

But i had no worry as i had my cousins dropping me back.
So we after our turn came we had to pay a hugee entry..yes because it was a sat night ;) so we finally went up..we chilled for was buzzing with crowd and thats when we decided to head back finally coz we were finally drained out.

It was truely a Sat Night to Remember ;)


It was a Sundayy!I decided to head to the suburbs to Bandra as i had to meet a friend of mine :)I had heard a lot about the Bandra linking Road for street shopping so i went there and called my friend there to meet me.As a shoppaholic that i am i went madd shopping for junk jewellery like rings and headbands which you get pretty amazing there.Then as my friend was way too tired we decided to head to Cafe Coffee Day at Bandra to chill and catch up as i was meeting her after years :)Another friend of mine joined us there and then we three decided to go to Big Bang Cafe at bandra as we were super hungry :PWe ordered some Nachos which turned out to be very soggy due to too much of salsa and veggies on it, we decided to get it customised, by keeping the veggies on the side but that also dint turn out that we had to reconvert it back to how they got us :PSince all of us were brought up in Delhi, we started comparing the delhi food to Mumbai food... and much to our displeasure the Amazing ambiance also couldn't do much to the food taste and we just enjoyed our shakes and left.I bid goodbye to my dear friend as she stayed in Santacruz and i had to leave for Churchgate.I took a cab and starting enjoying my drive uptill when i got stuck in traffic and i had to bear up with it but the Mumbai weather made up for it. Bcoz it was breezy :DView of the Saifee Hospital at marine drive,which is lit up so beautifully in the evenings :D

  Day 5

It was a Monday and i had to go for a meeting to one of the companies in Andheri west so  i headed straight there.It takes us an hour to reach Andheri in North mumbai from churchgate in south mumbai plus if there is traffic then maybe much more! :PAfter my work i just went to see the Infinity Mall Andheri which was near to the company i went in and Enjoyed my frankie at Tibbs frankie in the food court :) Also my Naturals icecream.

By the time i headed back to marine drive,it was already dinner time so i decided to have dinner at SUKH SAGAR with 2 friends at a very famous indian restaurant chain in Mumbai which has variety from north indian to south indian to the indian chinese.
I enjoyed a yummy masala dosa from there.
Then we craved a dessert so i took them to my childhood eating joint called
NewYorker which is just at F road Marine Drive.. We went there and enjoyed the very famous Sizzling brownie from there.. Why is it so famous if you want to know is because its one of the few places in India to first introduce the Sizzling brownie :D YUM!


Finally it was time for a Movie in MUMBAI..Being in bombay or mumbai and if you don't catch up a movie in the amazing theatres here doesn't feel allright!
My aunt decided to go for GONE GIRL with her friends (no if you're wondering its bollywood..let me clear it its a hollywood flick :P) but being the movie buff that i am i agreed to join them.
We went to Inox at nariman point and i was amazed by the hygiene they maintain in the inox theatres. Also the people are very disciplined in the queues to buy snacks or go to the restrooms unlike Delhi crowd. :P
I enjoyed my movie thoroughly and then it was time for Dinner :D

Yes my aunty had made plans with another aunt of mine and one of my cousin to go to China Valley for chinese :D

So we picked my uncle and we all left for Chineseee :D
I would rate that restaurant 3/5 as the food was okayish.
It was a fun day!


I had to finally meet one of my other cousin who is married in Malad i went to meet her and my jiju and niece :D

to stay with them for 2 days..
They took me to Inorbit mall Malad and we enjoyed Amazing indian food at Bhagat Tarachand..and we had fingerlicking indian food there. (p.s my mouth is still watering thinking about that food..please open an outlet in Delhi as well) :P

This was an EPIC DAY..Epic in its true sense coz Me,my cousin,jiju and my niece Lavya all of us were going to Bandstand Mumbai....u guessed it right.. to go the extreme end of mumbai to see Shahrukh's bunglow Mannat (lands end) and yes to enjoy on the beautiful rocks placed near the sea :D
Yes just like us there was hugeee crowd gathered to see SRK's beautiful bunglow
Mannat. I also managed to get a picture in srk pose in front of his house...such fans we are :P

I am sure all you srkfans must b J right now..nevertheless you can go do the same too ;)

After all the photosession here and on the beautiful mumbai rocks just in front of srks house we went ahead for lunch at
Zaffran Bandra to have yummylicious Indian. Loved it.

We even crossed the Salman BHAI's  home at Galaxy appartments while going to in all i was having a blast ;)
After the food me and my cousin went to Hill road..a very famous place in mumbai for street shopping again,but due to unavailability of parking there we had to rush back from there in 20 minutes.

Then finally to complete my day i went to
JUHU BEACH mumbai. coz being in mumbai i din't want to miss the beach :D We had kala khatta gola and the sevpuri at juhu beach chaat centre.
It was a surreal day as i saw mannat but had a great time!

Day 9

If you have to visit one of the most amazing 5 stars of Mumbai where you can spot celebrities dining or chilling, then you have to visit the J.W. Marriott situated on Juhu Tara road.
You have to try Saffron for yummiest North Indian and Mezzo Mezzo for Italian..And if you want to try good club sandwiches go to Lotus cafe in J.W.Marriot,you get all kinds of cuisines there.Enjoy!
And if you happen to like it..make sure to drop me an email ;)

I also happen to cross “Prateeksha” which was the original bungalow where Amitabh Bachchan sir lived with his parents and family.

There is also his other home Jalsa.Its located opposite Tulip Star Hotel (Juhu), “Jalsa” bungalow is where the Bachchan family currently lives.
So if you are a Big B fan..u have to have this on your cross lists ;)

Then it was time for me to head to the office of Balaji telefilms in Andheri where my friend works.
(P.S you don't get an entry inside the office untill you know someone there...don't ask me why) :P
It felt great to go there and when you are coming out of the office,there is a temple inside porch of balaji office made of white marble,where i went and prayed typical balaji style. ;) 

and just opposite its office is THE Yashraj productions Office i just happened to have a fanstruck moment there itself as i couldn't really go inside the office to see it.

Day 10
After enjoying too much of suburbs of Mumbai, it was time for the much awaited Colaba in South Mumbai <3 All hearts to that place as it has some great eating joints,cafes and yes the Colaba Causeway..which is a shoppers paradise :D
I firstly went to Colaba Club social which happens to be one of the best cafes in colaba..which has a branch in delhi in hauzkhas village too by the name Social offline.. (yes if you are delhiite you know what i am talking about) ;)
It was that good..It was buzzing with crowd and yes you cant enter this place if you are below 18 (you know Why!) :P

Since the place was already packed i went to Cafe mondegar in colaba to have food after i had chilled enough already as there was no table free for us to sit and eat. (yes its that crowded sometimes) ;)
Cafe mondegar has got a cool ambiance but i would rate the food okayish coz we ordered white sauce pasta which wasn't very great and its a turnoff when even after being told they are not able to adjust the food according to your liking.
May be some dishes are all i would rate it 2.5/5 as we got 15 minutes waiting so i am assuming maybe you do get something worth having there too. :P

Cafe leopold is also good there i have heard.Try that an email me if you like it :)
Then finally it was time for some Street shopping, coz when you go to have to do that.. :D
I splurged myself into Aamazinggg accessory shopping from Cool headbands to bracelets to neckpieces.Also great chappals you get there.Girls who love to stock great flats..go there ;)
P.S. learn the art of bargain ;) to enjoy it fully!

Day 11

I was so impressed by colaba a day before that when i showed my shopping to my aunt even she decided to head there and she suggested me a salon for haircut also when i asked her which happened to have its branch at Colaba only luckily ;)

I went to Juice Colaba, its an amazing luxurious salon who has many branches in Mumbai and before opening B blunt Adhuna owned it either solely or in collaboration with someone.When i entered the salon, i was satisfied i am at the right place. I enjoyed my haircut and they have the TIGI brand of haircare products which i simply love,they are a bit on the pricey side but everyone who loves to style their hair, i would recommend it. :)
After my gorgeous cut i headed for bit of shopping again. and not to forget if you are a Bombay bhel lover like me.. You have to buy the Bombay bhel by Camy wafers which is situated in colaba itself and has many other branches in mumbai :)
So after a total Amazing day it was Time for Dinner and i decided to try this amazing place for Mexican called Sanchos which my aunt told me to try with my cousin.
So we went there and enjoyed nachos which came with salad and salsa dressing and the baked potatoes with vegetable filling.
Although if i have to compare it with
Chillies (Delhi) i would rate chillies much higher!
Like if sanchos was 3/5, then chillies is 4.5/5 :D

Day 12It was finally the day when i had to head back to Delhi.
I had mixed emotions, i was definitely missing home and Delhi food badly but yes i knew i'd had a great trip and i was going to miss Mumbai badly to be wanting to come back again soon hopefully! :P
I had a jet airways flight and i finally came back to my DELHI!

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Priya :)
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