Friday, March 20, 2015

Glam Nails

Glam Nails

Golden Flowers in Blue River
This one's for all my pretty Nail Art lovers :D When you have to go to a party and you feel like dressing up a little bit, what's better than adding a gorgeous Nail Art to add a bit of glamour to your nails.After all your hands add to your gestures and to your personality :)
Have a look at the pic above to know what i am taking about! :D
If you got all interested to do this Nail Art then keep reading. I'll tell you ways 2 do this Amazing Nail Art!

Step 1
  • Paint your nails White to make the nailpaint Pop.
  • When We add white to light colours or neon colours the colour stands out.
  • Leave a nail so that you can apply glitter polish or some fancy colour for contrast.

    Step 2

Step 3
Add glitter polish to the finger you left before.
There are many gorgeous glitter polishes available in the market from O.P.I to Colorbar :)

Step 4

Keep a Q-tip handy and  a nailpolish remover to correct the nailpaint on the sides of the nail if its done by mistake.

Step 5

Draw Golden Flowers with a gold Nail paint.
Draw it in a symmetry so that it looks similar on every nail.
Step 6

Add Rhinestones or swaroski stones to your Golden flowers with the help of the toothpick and clear nailpaint.
You can many nail art stones and accessories in the market :)

So here's the Final Result!

Try this Nail Art and mail Me your pics on my Email id
or post it on my Googleplus wall.
I'd love to see it.

Till then Keep it stylish
Priya :) 

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