Friday, April 3, 2015

Restaurant Reviews

Mumbai Matinee

This one is for the foodies and the people who love to try out good food at different and new places :)

The Cafe by the name of Mumbai Matinee is placed in the heart of Sector 18 Noida Market. The very famous hangout spot for all the people of Noida or coming from Delhi for work etc.

I spotted this cafe specially cause of its amazing outlook.There is a bright board which catches your eye and you can't stop but to enter this Aamazing place.
The cafe is on the 1st and 2nd floor.The 2nd floor has the hookah setting if people are interested in that.
The moment you enter this place you see a very bright staircase and when you reach the 1st floor and turn towards the staircase you see this amazing Makeup mirror with bulbs glowing around it in total bollywood makeup room style.
You know you're gonna dine in Filmy style ;)

Then comes an even more interesting part.. i.e The Decor.
The ambiance takes you in a flashback filmy style where all the posters and pictures of old bollywood movies of 60s 70s 80s and even 90s is placed. :D
All the true filmy fans couldn't have asked for more.

You immediately get fascinated with the posters of the movies you relate to.
Then to add more flavour of bollywood are the amazing menu boards in the shape of movie clapper boards.
For a person so filmy like me i suddenly added that to my thumbs up list! :D

You then start ordering to check out how's the food?

I ordered a Vadapao (since you know its a mumbai based snack also i was in a bollywood setup cafe and even More coz it was Mumbai Matinee so i had expected it to be good :) )
P.S i loved the Vadapao and the masala they gave with it.

I also ordered Potato wedges with mayonnaise and that to was really yum.
Not to forget the Oreo Shake which i ordered which was great too.

I even noticed how they kept the sashays of ketchup etc in between the old cassette case stand,very creative!

So according to the Ambiance, the pocket friendly rates of the cafe and the amazing food i would rate it 4.5/5 :D
And i would recommend it to everyone who goes to sector 18 noida :)

Do mail me your pictures on ""
if you happen to visit this cafe.I would love to see you people trying my recommendation :)

(P.S - These are honest reviews,i have not been paid by the cafe owner to review them. I liked it to an extent to review it.Thanks.)

Happy eating! :)

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