Thursday, May 21, 2015

Graffiti It Up!

    21 May 2015

We all know MAYBELLINE has an amazing Nail polish range by the name of Color show which we love love love! <3

But it came up with a new graffiti style in the color show range which i wanted to try..coz you know its all about Uping your Nail Art game ;) right girls?

I put my hands to it..there were like loadsss of colors to choose from but this time i decided to pick up something totally different!
Lavender and guess what??
This is the outcome on my fingers..
Don't be surprised..its like
Nail art in a bottle ;)

Its invented for all us beauties who don't wana go the salon to get their Nails done sometime or are too lazy to do an art themselves and have an event to attend OR to just Up your style day to day ..when chilling out with friends or going to college/work!
And i am gonna add Some tips into this super amazing Maybelline Color show Nail that you can even wear it glam and glittery ;)

Step 1 

Put a coat of Maybelline color show "Go Graffiti" any color you choose..i chose *Lucky Lavender*..its a lavender color with cool light golden balls of graffiti art..It instantly added spunk 2 may nails. :D *Thumbs Up*


Add Maybelline Color Show glitter mania to your ring finger nail..any color that you prefer..i chose *Pink champagne* :D cz it goes perfectly with this Color!
and Boom.. You're Done :D

All giltz and graffitised ;)