Monday, June 22, 2015

A Quick Breakfast Recipe in 5 min


Oreo Shake and Veg cheese sandwich

I. Oreo Shake

When you order your favourite Oreo shake in the cafes and restaurants and pay upto Rs150 to 300 for this Yummy drink you will all be surprised to know that actually it is a very easy recipe guys,Trust me on this!
(P.S-By easy i mean easy in the mode for people who even don't know how to cook anything! :P)

So lets begin.... :D *Yay*

1. Well the oreo cookie comes in many flavours but for this recipe either take chocolate or vanilla flavour. I have tried with both and if you like more chocolaty then choose chocolate flavour.
Take 4 oreo cookies if you making it for 1 person or if you are making this drink for 2-3  people then take  6 and if more then take upto 8-10 oreos and put them in a blender.

2. Add half a cup of milk if it is for one person, for 2 take one glass of milk and more if you are making it for more people.

3.Then add a teaspoon of sugar (coarse or powder) however you like. I added sugar powder as it blends well.

4.Most importantly Add 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream.

5. Lastly not to forget..the most important step donot blend the mixture fully at power2..blend at power 1 for  about 30 seconds and then whisk it lightly and keep checking the shake as u donot want the shake to be too liquidy because you will enjoy the oreo chunks in the shake!

6.Lastly add the shake in a glass and decorate it with oreo cookies or even crushed oreo on top or with a chocolate stick..You can even add whipped cream,chocolate sauce on top.
Serve it However you like it and Enjoy :D

If you make this shake do mail me your pics or share with me on my facebook page through the comments,would love to see them.

II. Veg cheese Sandwhich

This is a yummy healthy delight made in just 2-5 minutes and anyone can make it :D
1. Grate half the cucumber and tomato and strain the juice of it as you donot want to make the sandwich soggy.

2. Take a veg mayonnaise, I took Fun foods diet mayonnaise
(Eggless) creamish in colour.. you can also take the non-eggless  version.

3. Take a white bread or brown bread, however you prefer.
  I took the white one as this combination tastes best with white!

4.Spread the Mayo over the bread, then add the mix of grated cucumber and tomato and then add kala namak or (rocksalt) and little bit of black pepper powder over it.

5. The most yummiest grate Amul cubes cheese over it
  (P.S. you can skip this if you do not like cheese or you are wanting to loose weight)
6.Your sandwich is ready and now cut it in triangular shape to serve :D

Enjoyyy this yummy breakfast treat and if you make this then do send me your picture on fb/twitter or mail :D
I'd love to see them.
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Happy Breakfasting!

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