Friday, August 7, 2015

Glam up your eyes

MUA palette- Dusk till dawn Eyeshadow palette

 When you are looking for that one palette which can give from a nude makeup look to a glam look and you want to go for a brand,a palette that is of good quality but not very expensive, you have to lay your hands on this Aaamazing palette by the brand 'MUA' which is called "MakeUp Academy" which is a well known American makeup brand.

I was hunting for some Eyeshadow palettes at FLIPKART- the 
online shopping portal and I started checking out Makeup 
revolution, MUA and some other international brands..

I saw a palette in Makeup revolution that was an exact color copy of this palette.. It was called the redemption palette essential DayNight.
I was getting almost similar Colors in much more the I didn't consider it..Although makeup revolution Eyeshadows are also good..

This palette was for Rs 840 but I got it in discount for 720 plus taxes.. Which was a great buy.. :)
- This palette is very light weight and travel friendly
-It has 12 gorgeous shades,which can change your look from day to night..that is why this palette is even named dusk till dawn!
-These are all shimmery shades so u can use 2shades as highlighters also..

-The color spectrum is so gorgeous as it has amazing shades 
from nudes to blues to purples to greys :D

-pigmentation is good of this palette as I have done swatches for u girls a slight touch of the shadow the result ws this..


These swatches were just a slight touch of the shadow..they are 
definitely buildable. :D

These are all in the glittery shades..they can even be topped with a plain base shadow..this is a great palette from day wear to specially night wear for parties!

So what ru girls waiting for..go and order your pieces of glittery glam shades of this gorgeous MUA pallete! :D
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