Saturday, October 10, 2015

H&M's  Grand Opening on 2nd Oct 2015

Shopaholics Splurge at Select City,Saket!

2nd Oct witnessed the Grand Opening of America's one of the favourite and popular brands H&M
Since the Brand was opening for the 1st time in India and it Happened to be in the Capital in the most favourite and popular malls of Delhi #SELECTCITY .Also H&M posted on their Fb page that the first 3 people in queue get vouchers worth 5k-15k and first 1000 people will get a H&M tote bag free...

Almost half the delhi girls and not to forget the guys went crazy and the queues began a day before from 1st oct onwards..
and since the store was opening at 11am next morning manyyyy shopoholics decided to have a nightover there.

This was the scenario of the crowd at night.
We all know Delhi is a fashion conscious city and it never lets go of such opportunities.

I had planned to go to the event too but when i got to know from facebook that this is the condition i decided to go in the noon so that i could avoid longggg queues...... :P

So i left for the event and reached at 2pm.. I was lucky that the crowd wasn't this insane and there was a red carpet from the H&M's DJ counter to the store and bodyguards managing the chain to let people in,in small numbers of around 10-15 in a row..

The DJ played good house music and pepped up the people coming in for the store,to add to their excitement levels ;)
I was finally IN H&M and i couldn't be more happy as i din't really get any queue..
so i had to click some random selfies around thinking yes i am among the lucky few in delhi who have witnessed this on the GRAND OPENING Day..when people in Mumbai or other parts of India are dying to check out the H&M collections.

Yes i did go a bit crazy myself seeing the awesomeness around <3

It felt half of the Delhi girls had gathered there to satisfy their shopping interests all in one day from just one store..
All the other stores must've felt like a child standing and looking at the rich child eating an ice-cream :P
Maybe a bad comparison but now you guys got what i was conveying ;P

So after looking at the collection,i too went a bit crazy to satisfy the shopaholic in me,After all it was the opening day i had to walk out with a H&M shopping bag like i saw every other person taking.
The shopping bag was so cool in itself that i had too go ahead ;P
So began the crazy hunt just like a Treasure hunt but with the only treasure was a Shopping bag full of clothes or accessories that was going home with me.

The store is huuumongous..its divided into three parts.
one side is the accessories,shoes ,night wear,lingerie,comfy casuals..midsection is all winter wear like jackets pullovers and the 3rd section is more funky with funky sweatshirts,pullovers,
dresses,tops etc and the same side where the changingrooms are.
I have put together 3 Looks from H&M for you girls

Black lace crop top+ black maxi skirt or you can pair the black maxi with white crop top too.


Black crop with floral shorts or any shorts that you prefer!


A peplum top with black jeans or pencil skirt.I chose a peach peplum for my look :)

Girls telme which look did you like the most out of these..?
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So girls i got a lot of stuff from H&M

that i had to revisit the store again on 4th oct i.e a sunday
as i couldnt check out the entire store.
check out my other pics too

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Would love to see them.
Keep it stylish!

Priya :)

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