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Skincare/hair care Haul- Nykaa, Innisfree & NewU

Hi guys wishing every one a Very happy New Year!! :D

You all must have had a fabulous year end in 2015 and a fantastic start to this year 2016 :D

Since December is a festive month and my Birthday also went by on 30th Dec..(Please comment if you wana see a post on my Birthday celebration,Outfit and makeup.I'll be happy to share it)

Also the New year comes in.. i did a lot of makeup,skin and hair care shopping for that perfect time of the year.

I wanted to share all my Makeup ,skin and haircare haul for December and January so that you girls can give it a try and benefit too. :)

I will divide the Haul into Skincare/Haircare AND Makeup Haul in 2 posts so that its easy for u girls

Lets begin...


a) Skincare

 1.La Roche-Posay Effaclar gel face wash

If you have healthy skin, then any makeup would look good.
But sometimes there are days when you have breakouts/pimple so for that i ordered this new Face Wash of this new Skin care range (La Roche-Posay) i was meaning to try.

It comes for Rs 425 for 50 ml of product.There is a bigger size also available but i wanted to try this size first.

My views- 

The first thing i liked about this product was that it is Paraben free which means it has no harmful chemicals :)
Since its paraben free the product does not clog pores and is oil free specially meant for Oily/Combination/sensitive skin.

I have used it the days i have had pimple problems and it has helped to reduce the inflammation of acne.

I would not recommend it for dry skin as it can dry you skin further until you used a good hydrating toner and moisturiser along with it.

I would give it a thumbs up :) 

2. FAB India, Aloe Veda, Vaadi, Khadi (Something Herbal)

a) Vaadi under eye Cream

It retails for 30 gms for Rs 55. It comes in a small white tub and is white in color.Its gives a cooling sensation when applied.
It claims:
  • To lighten dark circles
  • Prevents fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce puffiness
  • Nourish Smooth and delicate skin

Since I have recently got this under eye cream, i am yet to test its benefits.If i like it.I will surely do a review about it..So stay tuned to my blog and my facebook page 

2. Herbal Soaps

I got soaps from Fab India (TeaTree one) , Aloe Veda (Lavendar) and Khaadi ( Neem& Tulsi) because i love trying new sceneted soaps from different brands, whether herbal or non herbal.

I have tried the Khaadi (Neem&Tulsi)-
It smells a little strong bcoz of neem but it fades away after using it 2 times.But it has antiseptic properties specially if you have backane or spots and if you don't have then also it gives a very soothing feeling.

Aloe-veda has a blend of lavendar plus tea tree.It also has glycerin which is good for the body and makes the body soft & supple. :)
I am yet to try the Aloe veda (lavendar) and Fab india (teatree) i will give reviews if i like it.

3. Khaadi Face mist/ Toner

It is there Mint and cucumber face freshener. It retails for Rs 95 for 100ml of product. It works both as a face mist or a toner.

It has all the herbal goodness and claims to remove dirt and clean pores,protect from germs and make the skin fresh.
I use it just after face wash and i have been loving this product as its herbal plus it gives a cooling sensation because of the cucumber mint and basil present.
Do not use over makeup as its not a makeup fixing spray..For that i Go back to my MAC FIX+
Thumbs up and must try.


Those of you don't know about this brand i would like to tell you its a Korean Skincare Brand which was launched in India in 2015 and We all know korea is famous for its Skincare products and innisfree is one of them.
So when it was launched i did pick up a lot of products like there Sheet face masks, capsule face masks, Green Tea face mist (An absolute favourite of mine and loved by other bloggers) and other products (P.S they have a hugeeee range of Skincare- situated in DLF Promenade ,VasantKunj)

1. Innisfree Sheet face masks

a) GreenTea sheet masks

b) Cucumber Sheet Face mask
These are priced Rs 100 for each pack .Bit pricey but i can't say enough good things about these, they are refreshing..makes your skin so refreshed and nourished..These are good to carry and also handy to have if you have a important day and you wanna look rested and want your skin to look h..Have a mini spa day at home with these :D

2. Innisfree capsule packs

Pink coloured pomegranate pack is for glowing skin.It is a overnight pack that you apply and leave it and wake up with glowing skin next morning. Rs.170

Green Colored Tea Tree pack is to clear out any pimples or blemishes.Put it on a pimple or a blemish for 15-20 minutes and it will work its way on your skin to diminish that. Rs120

Greyish brown Clay pack is for Open pores or skin tightenting, that every1 requires if you are 25+ to take make your skin firmer always.Its also to be used for 15-20min and then washed.


1. Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturiser

In january there were days when i was having 1-2pimples and i had to use a light moisturiser i went ahead and got this Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturiser for combination to oily skin. I have combination skin so i felt that this moisturiser would be perfect but i was a bit disappointed as this can be a good moisturiser may be for summers where you don't require a heavy moituriser but not for winters as my skin was feeling dry with just this. I had to use Nivea soft cream.

I would say it would be only good for winters if you have very oily skin or  you use a hydrating toner and a hydrating serum with a combination/normal skin for it to be sufficient.

But the plus points are:
  • Its very lightweight and Alchohol and fragrance free.
  • Feels soft on the skin and blends very quickly.
  • Its for Rs300 for 118ml product. :)
You can go ahead and try :)

2. Lipbalms :D

When it comes to Lip balms Maybelline, Nivea,Vaseline does the best in drugstore options.

Maybelline Baby Lips

a)The baby lips in Antioxidant berry
This one is my absolute favourite as it is not tinted and lasts for 6-7 hours, adds a sheen, can be used under lipsticks,has an SPF of 20 , non sticky,reduces fine lines on lips and hydrates chapped lips. Rs 150 for 4g

b) New BABY LIPS Candy WOW balm

You know this is a New Product launch by MAYBELLINE.
Yes its there Tinted Lip Balm.I was very excited to add it to my collection. What fascinated me firstly was the beautiful packaging.Loved the packagin, they have completely changed there packaging from all the old baby lips and plus its more hydrating than the other tinted baby lips which came previously. Its a retractable Lip crayon and the packaging corresponds to the color of the balm inside.

They have various flavours and shades and all of them have a different tint from baby pink to fuchsia to magenta pink.
I got mine in Raspberry. Its for Rs 275 for 2 gms of product. 
It can be worn under lipsticks as they are not sticky and very hydrating.
Go get your hands on them..You'll love it.


Nivea Lip Balm

This is my go to lip balm for Winters. I abso-freakin-lutely love this lip balm.I repurchase every time it gets over. Its not only hydrating and heals chapped lips but also adds the plumping factor to your lips. Before any matte lipstick i make it a point to use this.Also this is one of the best  for night time healing.


I finally would like to share the Haircare products with you all.


Bblunt Dry shampoo and Bblunt Shine spray serum

a) BBlunt dry shampoo's review i have given earlier in my earlier post as well.. Make sure to read it Here by clicking on this link- 

I loved this Dry shampoo so much that i purchased the bigger bottle of this from Nykaa.
Its for Rs 550 for larger size and the mini size is for Rs 250

b) BBlunt Hair Spray serum

I was so fascinated by the BBlunt's new range of products which are there in the market so i decided to give The hair spray serum a go.
The mini size is for Rs 250 which i got.
You can Set your hair After Drying or after a Hairstyle with this for the final touch up and unlike other Sprays it wont dry out your hair. Infact it will add a little shine to your hair.
Totally worth having in your hair care stash.

2. L'Oreal X-tenso Nutritive shine care serum

Then i got a Hair Serum from L'Oreal X-tenso care range.I had read good reviews about it online.

It was for Rs 600 for 50ml from Nykaa.
It claims Anti Frizz and Anti Breakage to nourish your hair after washes.I am going to try it and let you know how was it.

3.Schwarzkopf Keratin Shampoo
It  was for around Rs 500 but i got it for a discount around 400 online.I bought this as the name suggests it has liquid keratin and million gloss shampoo. It actually does that. It has a bit strong minty smell which comes only when you apply but doesn't stay after the wash which i like.The biggest plus is that it makes your hair so soft after every wash.
I would recommend it to all you girls..It will repair damage in your hair and even if you don't have damaged hair like me it will make it soft.

4. OGX Argan Oil of morocca Conditioner

I saved the Best for the Last. I was eyeing on this Brand since very long as i had heard great reviews about it. Its Shampoo and conditioner both are talked about but since i already got a Shampoo i had to but this conditioner. It has the goodness of Argan oil which helps to make the hair silky soft, restore the strength and add Shine.Can't wait to try this :)
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  1. I am super jealous of your haul!! I love the effaclar range too, and I have eyeing some of those herbal brands at Nykaa too.

    Good job with your blog, you have miles to go.

    Good Luck! xx

    1. OMG Deb I am sooooo Happy to have received a comment from you...I just love your videos and a comment from you means a lot..I am happy to make u jealous with it *Kiddin* please join my blog so that u do see my posts too..Really hope 2 do a collab with u someday...Ur wishes mean a lot😘 Gluck2u 2..loads of love
      Priya 😘

  2. Wanna going to buy all of dese...😁😁😁 Ogx shampoo n face maskπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

    1. Yes you shouldπŸ˜€πŸ‘ the innisfree sheet masks are amazing... And I have got the OGX conditioner but iv heard both shampoo and conditioner are great πŸ˜€

  3. Ogx shampoo n face maskπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ‘πŸ»