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Valentine's Day DIY

Valentine Day Gifts and card DIY


Valentines Day is just 2 days later and if u you are looking to make the day special for the people you love eg Your Parents,siblings friends or even loved one, you have to give them something, that touches their heart and adds a emotional touch.

I came up with this Valentines Day DIY(Do it Yourself) card or gift ideas so that you don't have to be an expert to make it, its as easy as scribbling like a toddler in nursery classes.

Lets Begin    

IDEA No.1-

You should have 
  • Coloured papers
  • handmade papers
  • Stickers
  • sparkle
  • sketch pens/Markers
  • Scissors and Fevicol /Glue
  • Any other decorative item you would like to add (Eg: old Pictures/ printed pictured on a Photo paper)
  • Washi tape/fancy tapes for borders

After you Have collected all the items think of a card design or a pattern.
I made 2 cards so you can get an idea from this or you can google ur ideas.


Take coloured paper and Some washi tape and Put a border around the coloured paper like this.

You can choose any coloured A4 sized paper or you can customise the size according to your choice and choose a bright Washi Tape like i did. I chose a shiny one, you can choose whatever you like :)

Then Cut your photograph and place it on top of the card like this.

Then take a sparkle/marker /sketch pen whatever you like and write Happy Valentines on top.You can personalise it further by writing their name/position in ur life etc :)

And then open the Card and write a sweet message like i did.

It was a simple and cute card, it just adds a bit of personal touch  and brings a Huge smile to their faces. 


For this I used a Handmade Shiny paper and a colored paper something like this.

Fold both the papers together to make a crease for the card.You can't write on this Handmade paper so take the colored paper and stick between the handmade paper  so that you can design from inside or write your text on the colored paper.
Then take a red colored paper and cutout some Hearts <3
coz obviously its a Valentine themed card ;)

Then stick them on the inside of the card making a design.

Then Go ahead and personalise it even more by writing a personal message/ love quote or anything that you would like.Then add some stickers inside and outside and add Happy Valentine Day with Sparkle to make it even more cute :D

My finished card looked like these

Personalised Photoframe Gift Idea

Take any Old Photoframe you have. I chose this stick on Photoframe which can be Stuck to your wadrobe :) and designed it according to V-day .
It adds a Little bit Fun to your decor.You can even Gift it to your friends/Siblings so that they can decorate their room with it :)

Take the piece of paper out from your photoframe (the one that comes with the photoframe) measure it and cut the same size photograph. For that i used a random old photo of mine lying in my old album. But you can take time to search nice pictures of your loved ones on their facebook profile pics etc and get them printed on photo paper or if you have old pictures you can cut from that.

Then draw cute hearts with a RED marker pen to add the VDay touch.. i aldo made kiss marks and xoxo signs :D
After completion it looked like this.

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