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"More power to you"- March Fab bag!

Hi my lovelies :)

So my March Fab bag arrived for this month and obviously i had to share the lovely beauty products i got in this month's fab bag like always :D It is a silver metallic pouch and they have themed this month's Fab bag as none other than the "WOMEN POWER" bag because of the Women's Day which just passed by! :)

If you want to know what is a fab bag then check out my previous month's fabbag post where i have explained about this beauty subscription bag in detail by checking out this link-

ok now Lets get started :D

1. SUGAR Cosmetics It's a-Pout Time! Vivid Lipstick

Its a Star product of this month's Bag and much to my excitement i got the Shade "Coraline in the City" which is this bright orangy Red that we all would love to have to make us look a bit extra glam for those party nights or to simply brighten up any outfit.This is the kind of red which makes your teeth appear whiter :D

I have earlier also tried this brand's cosmetics and i must tell you that it is The Bomb dot com! ;)

I loveddd their waterproof eyeliner, also their matte as hell lip crayons, they are my holy grail now!
and i'v heard a lot about their fadeproof kajal also, which i will try soon!

But as of now i was very happy about this lipstick as it felt very smooth and pigmentation is also fine but i was hoping it to be Matte as it had a bit of cremesheen!
But ya it can be made matte by applying the shade and then using the face powder on ur lips over a tissue! ;) (Handy TIP)

The shade looked so gorg and it is worth it as it is Rs 599 and we've got this full size product which covers the entire price of the fab bag!

2. Wella Professionals Shampoo and conditioner

Well when you get the new Wella professionals Elements Renewing shampoo and Renewing mask samples to try, you do feel happy specially coz they are Parabens and Sulfate free :D
They have developed the NUTREE complex enriched with natural tree extract to help protect hair against keratin degeneration.

It has a clear gel like consistency for the shampoo with a beautiful captivating fragrance that i liked :)
They gave us the 30ml size of the shampoo and the conditioner  which is good for 4-5 times and it is travel friendly if you are going for a mini trip :) 
The full size of shampoo is for (Rs 975 for 250ml and mask is for Rs1075 for 150 ml)
I am looking forward to use them and will let you know how they fare but as of now i recommend it seeing its ingredients :)

3. SUGANDA Neem GreenTea Plant mask

 It is an organic brand.Comes in this finely mild powder in tub form with organic neem, organic greentea and organic rice.

Its a face mask for acne prone or sensitive skin. Basically  when your skin is acting bad or had redness or pimple you can make a mask out of this adding rose water or normal water and apply on your face as neem in it will treat skin problems & green tea has sun protection and anti-inflammatory properties and organic rice is a skin softener and lightener.

They have given a 25 gm tub which is again travel friendly.Full size is for Rs 900 for 60 gms!
I will be trying this one soon :)

4. Kronokare The Frizz kiss Cooling explosion Lip balm

I had heard a lot about this brand as Kronocare makes good hair and skincare products but i had never tried so i was happy when i finally i got this product in my fabbag!

Its comes in a tube packaging like the vaseline or himalaya lip balms in the market.
Its for Rs 95 for 10ml. This frizz kiss balm contains Vitamin E which is good for the lips with a mix of shea butter,sunflower oil and peppermint oil (which gives it a bit tingly sensation) and that is why it is called the Cooling Explosion Lip balm.

I personally don't like the cooling sensation much but it can be a good lip balm for the summers :) so i will be using it in those hot days of the year :D

So in all i would give this month's fab bag a thumbs up!

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