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PLUM Goodness

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We know 
Holi just went a couple of days ago and if you girls played a little bit of  Holthen you know now u'll need to pamper your skin just a little bit more this week. And well if you did not play also then also you should pamper your skin at all times :)

So today i am going to share a very nice Skincare brand which i tested for a month before talking about it today!

The PLUM GOODNESS Range of Skincare

They have Facewashes, Scrubs, masks etc in different types to pamper different types of skins :D

So i am a person who loves to experiment with different facewashes, scrubs to checkout how they fare for me.

I got myself the Plum 
mild Scrub in Grape seed and Sea buckthorn and GreenTea Face mask!

1. PLUM Grape Seed and Sea Buckthorn Mild Foam Scrub

It retails for Rs 335 for 75ml of the product.

It is a gently foaming mild natural cellulose scrub with clear white gel like consistency.You can see the transparent gel consistency here-

It claims to have twice as much Vitamin E as Olive oil and rich in other Vitamins & beta carotenes with grapeseed oil goodness :D
When you apply it mildly scrubs away dead skin and leaving your skin sooo soft and supple. 
It has to be amongst my favourite scrubs as it has no scratchy plastic and NO PARABENS, No phthalates or propylene glucol, also it is SLS free which is a total Thumbs up! Would rate it 4.5/5 and would definitely recommend all you girls
I Got mine fron Nykaa, you can also buy from plumgoodness.com :)

2. Green Tea Clear Face Mask

It Retails for Rs 475 for 60gm of product.
It is a light green coloured mask with a clayey mask kind of consistency.

Green tea is an antioxidant so i was sold for the fact green tea is coming in a mask by an all natural, skin friendly brand.
It is made to cleanse, cure acne/ breakouts and to prevent recurrence. Its clay absorbs excess oil and takes out dead skin, also has glycolic acid specially to control acne!

It does have a tingly sensation which i found weird at first but i mixed in a bit of rose water or normal water to calm the tingling and then it just works absolutely fine!
You can use this once a week if you don't have acne and leave it on for 15min until it dries and wash it off  and twice or more in a week if you have acne!
This has Kaolin, bentonite etc which help you clear acne.

This actually helps calm your skin and gives it a refreshing feel.
This has also been appreciated well by a lot of girls on Nykaa too.
I would rate it 3.5/5 :) would recommend it to have a mini self pampering spa on a weekend!

They also have a Kajal (Kohl) range which has taken my heart,completely!

If you Wana check out the review for this kajal .Make sure to check out my post here -
I would highly recommend Plum Skincare range to all of you.
Firstly it is Paraben free , Propylene glycol, SLS (Chemicals free) Completely Natural skincare and so affordable!
Plus there are more or  less offers going on their site :)

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  1. I haven't tried this brand yet. But I think I should go for it. Thanks for sharing. :)

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  2. I accidentally viewed your blog and I was so amazed with your work that it touched the deepness of my heart and it made me sentimental. Thanks for posting. Visit my site too.