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BBlunt HairCare Range

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Summers are here!
So you would want to prep your hair with the right products so that they look good all the time.
I have lot of people asking about my haircare routine or haircare range of products that i use for my long hair.

Few of the products are from the BBlunt range (by Adhuna Akhtar) which i will be reviewing for you all :D

So i had ordered all these products in intervals of months.. like some i have been using since a long time and some of them i recently got.I have been using the Bblunt Dry shampoo and the Spotlight shine spray , BBlunt Blown away Voluminising leave in spray,since a while the Bblunt shampoo and conditioner i have been using since about 15days.
Lets begin with the Review..

1. Bblunt Back to Life Dry Shampoo

I have been using both the sizes of this product..There is the full size which comes for Rs 550 for 125 ml and the Mini size which comes for Rs 250 for 30 ml.
I got the big one for daily use and mini one just to keep it in my handbag or for travel purposes!

If you dont knw what a Dry shampoo is, then in short it is your saviour for the days you dont want to shampoo and still look put together or you dont want your hair to look greasy!

You just Spray a lil bit of this on your scalp where you feel you need a bit of lift and it is going to add a bit of lift and awesomeness.

Don't mistake it with an actual shampoo the feeling you get after a wash but yes it does make your hair feel so great..remove any greasiness and adds volume on the scalp..just what you need before heading out!

It is for 2nd or 3rd day will have 2 wash your hair the next day!!

I just love it to bits as its the most inexpensive Dryshampoo and a part of my vanity ever since i used!

I give it 4/5 stars

2. BBlunt Perfect Balance Shampoo and Conditioner


This i got a month back and have been started using recently as i wanted to try out this range.
Just by seeing its packing, don't you feel like ordering.
Yes i couldn't resist and so much more coz of the type the shampoo it is..for "Perfect Balance"!

So when i read the ingredients that it has Provitamin B5 and glycerin which is good to lock the moisture in your hair i really wanted to try it.
Also it states that-
its perfect formula gives a pick me up for your hair with providing a moisture balance and your hair appear clean and healthy!

I did feel that it is quite a good it throughly cleanses without drying, Also its white in color with a creamy consistency which makes your hair soft.
I got the mini one for Rs100 for 50ml and the bigger one is for Rs 550 for 400ml.


The conditioner's packaging is sooo cute.
It looks like an egg :D
both of them are very travel friendly.
The conditioner retails for Rs375 for 200gms.

Both the shampoo and conditioner are for Normal-dry hair!

The shampoo and conditioner both have provitamin B as their main Ingredient, which is very light weight yet adds softness :)

The consistency of the conditioner is thick but not sticky as all..It does make your hair soft but it is not going to make damaged hair extremely soft.

Since i don't have damaged hair it works perfectly for mine, if you however have damaged hair then go for the other ranges of BBlunt as they come in many variants.

I would give the conditioner 3.5/5 

3. BBlunt Blown away Leave in Voluminising Spray
This spray is to be used on damp hair to add volume to your hair,also like a heat protectant before you Blow dry your hair.
I have been loving it so much that i ordered my 2nd bottle of it. It adds a slight volume on your roots and also acts as a heat protectant. Its for Rs 550 for 150 ml.

I use it everytime after wash on damp hair b4 i blow dry my hair and gives good results.I give it 4/5 stars :)

4.Spotlight Hair shine Spray

It retails for Rs 250 for 30 ml with a blue Spray bottle which is a thumbs up :D
It acts like serum but with a spray so it is fuss free and travel friendly!

When you feel your hair is frizzy or lifeless.. just spray in a lil bit to add a bit of gloss..It also has Provitamin B5, VitaminE and Silk proteins which make the hair look softer and healthy :D

It does not add Spotlight shine as mentioned but it does add a smoothening texture on dry or frizzy tresses.

The best thing i like about it is that this spray does not make your hair hard like other sprays do!
It also comes in bigger size for Rs 550 for 150ml.

I would rate it 3.5/5 :D

This range is quite good and very affordable.. i would recommend you girls to try according to your hair type.. *Thumbs Up*
Although the voluminising Spray, dry shampoo and hairshine spray is for all types of hair :D

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