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FACES Glitter Eyeshadow


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As you girls must have seen in the picture and guessed what i am going to review.. Yes its the
Faces Cosmetics Stackable glitter pigments

How gorgeous are they! :D  Just by the seeing the stack can't you feel its awesomeness?  :D <3

As you know that Faces Canada has quite an amazing range of cosmetics and you will fall in love with some of its staple products, which i'll review for you guys soon..

Now let's begin with the Review..

It is known as "Faces Sparkle dust Stackable"

Comes in 5-6 pigments Depending which type you choose.
It comes in 4 variants-
Wild 002, whish 257, Zebra 259 & Glitter 220

I chose Glitter 220 which has 6 gorgeous Pigments as i was looking for Eye glitter for weddings,parties or events!

It retails for Rs 999 for 6 stackable pigments as they are glitter so they are pricey over the other variants which are loose eyeshadow pigments,Rs 899 for 5 pigments.

Nykaa is however selling them at their old price,Glitter for Rs 899 and other variants for Rs 799 which is a thumbs up :D and then you can find further discounts on sale :D

The glitter pigments are so gorgeous and comes in every color to match your outfits or to simple play it up for any occassion.

Let me show you the gorgeous shades it comes in:

1. Silver

Perfect for parties,weddings etc. looks beautiful on your eyes.
You can play up or down according to your occassion with it.
Luks amazing at night!

Can't wait to use it for a smokey eye look with black eyelid,its going to look beautiful :D

2.  Goregeous Gold

This color is amongst my personal favourites and its one of the reasons i wanted this stack,was to own a gorgeous gold glitter pigment.
I had used this for my friend's wedding and oh my.. i couldn't stop admiring my eyes and i got many compliments on the same :D

They need to be used with Either MAC Fix+ or an Eyeprimer or a Glitter primer..

I have used them with my Fix+ to make them stick to my eye with my synthetic brush :)

Even after the wedding when i came back home i noticed the glitter hadn't come off .

But, A handy tip: When using glitter use the base of the same color as the glitter ,to make the glitter pop even more. Since this was my 1st time playing with a glitter pigment, i used a bronze base which i later realised that i should have used a gold one.
Next time i'll try with the black or gold base to make the glitter pop even more.
But as the bronze and gold matched my attire,it looked perfect that night  <3 :D

To pack on even more Glitter for an opaque look, you have to use a glitter primer, which i am yet to buy but yes MAC fix+ works beautifully too in keeping the glitter intact all night long.

3. White with blue n pink reflexes

I am yet to try this one,If you would like to see a look with this or any other pigment, comment below :)

4. Blue

This one is also a very gorgeous blue pigment which makes you go bold and colorful, the ironic part is that it makes your eye stand out and makes it look so so gorgeous.
I wore it for a Blogger meet and it looked fab :D
This time i used it over my black gel liner rather than on the whole eyelid,so either you can wear it like this for hangouts/events or put over your entire eyelid for a party look :D i love both!


Who wouldn't love pink glitter :D <3
Although it is not a very usual daily color but it would look so gorgeous worn for weddings or parties, with beautiful dresses with a pink in them or with plain black or white.
Can't wait 2 rock this one :)

6. Purple

Its such a beautiful shade of purple, would look even more perfect with an outfit which has purple and specially for the holiday season. Waiting to try this one too :D

  • Gorgeous eye pigments, which stay on super long if used with a good base underneath and a eyeprimer/glitter primer.
  • Look at the array of colors, all of them are gorgeous party glitter colors.
  • good quality not chunky,sticks easily
  • Easily available
  • Drugstore price for 6 good quality glitter pigments (under Rs999)
  • Multifunctional, glitter can be used on eyes, white one can be used in inner corner highlight also, & not to forget for the nailart also :D
  • Long lasting
  • Glams up your eyelook
  • Doesn't come with a glitter primer, you have to buy seperately or use MAC fix+
  • Glitter can have fallouts if you don't place them well with a synthetic brush and use a tissue under eye but that happens with all glitter pigments so its ok. (makeup is an art ;) )
  • Wont look opaque until u use the base shadow of the same color. (but thats how you work with glitter, you have to use a goodbase shadow)
I rate it 4.5/5

I highlyyyy Recommend all you girls to own this stack ,if you love glitter eyes like me.
P.S (its the cheapest Good quality glitter) :D

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