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Hi girls :)
I am Back with an A very Exciting Summer LOOKBOOK (Day Edition) post for all you lovelies as you know i reached 200+ Likes on my FB can check it out here-

So in order to thank you all for showing Support & love i have Come up with 2 Lookbooks for you girls.. one is the (Day Edition) and one is the (Night edition) both for summer so that you can Add some vibrant colours to your wadrobe :D

So i will be Doing the Day edition in this post and the Night one will be coming up soon :)
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Now Lets begin with the post :D

1. TRENDY Summer Look

I have come up with this look which is very Trendy as it includes the summer colours with a flowly neon colour top and a Ripped jeans which is trending these days. Morover pairing it with bright flats to make it comfy, casual yet so trendy & Stylish :D


  • Neon yellow/Lime green flowy Top - BCBG Max azria
  • Ripped Jeans- BEBE
  • Yellow Slippers - Vincii (Malaysian brand) available in dubai/also online
  • Yellow clutch - Alexander McQueen
(Wadrobe courtesy for this look- Ridhi Bansal)

Reflector Raybans are from my wadrobe! 
Now let me show you the look with these refectlors and without them

With The Raybans


Without the Raybans

& you can carry the clutch either holding it near your waist or in ur hand like this

Now Lets get in To The "MAKEUP Of This look"
All the makeup looks have been created by me :)

Primer- Colorbar
Za perfect liquid foundation previously reviewed for you girls here-
and Fitme concealer shade 20 With a damp beauty blender then 
For setting powder- Rimmel stay Matte powder (transparent)
Contour kit- Anastasia contour kit in light
Highlight- Freedom pro contour palette
Blush- Maybelline cream Blush in 05 along with Fit me blush on top (concealer n blush which i reviewed it before here)-


First I primed my eyes with face primer+concealer which acts as a eyeprimer
Then i used my MAC fix+ with Gold eyeshadow and put it on my lid and then for the crease i used a brown and a taupy color all from my Maybelline Nudes palette which i reviewed here-

Then i Used an Sephora waterproof eyepencil in the shade "Surfer babe" which is a beautiful peacock green shade on my upper lid and for my lower lid i used Sephora's waterproof eyepencil in "Snakeskin" which is a beautiful olivey lime green <3 clubbed with plum kajal :D


 MAC Vegas Volt (peachy orange colour) for vibrant look along with Miss claire soft matte lip cream in No.5

This completes my look

Bohemian/The boho Look

This look is a carefree Boho look which is more like a rebel or dressing up in your own style in basically fringe crop top or baggy tops with flowy arms with either shorts or a long skirt.

 Pair it with a Fringe bag or a jhola like bag with chappals or tied up bohemian sandals/gladiators whatever you prefer as its an easy going summer look :) 
You can pair it with Reflector raybans.

For headgear team it up with a black/brown hat with bigger rims or just braid your hair like i did on one side with this beautiful peacock blue feathers.You can braid your hair in multiple braids or add feathers that is totally your choice :)
You can also add long necklaces and beady bracelets if u wish!

  • Top- Gk M block 
  • Shorts- Harrods Jeanswear (My wadrobe)
  • Bag - FOREVER 21 Creamy Pastel Satchel Fringe Bag (My love from my wadrobe)
  • Green Slippers- Vincii (Ridhi's wadrobe)
  • Bohemian Clipon Feathers- (My wadrobe)
This is a total outdoor look for going for a holiday with beachy vibes or for an Eascape in thr green stretch with your boho girls or friends.I chose the greens as you know we don't have beaches here but i'll totally keep it for a beach too ;)

I just Loveddd how this Look Turned Out <3

Now lets Begin with the "Makeup of this Look"


For face you can pretty much do the same steps as above with foundation,concealer,blush,highlight..
and You can go with a super long-lasting foundation like the Loreal infallible which i reviewed here -
loreal-infallible foundation review
 or use a BB cream which i reviewed here-
as its a outdoor look and can include a beach where there is water or dust.
You can always carry a Compaq handy like the Fit me compaq which i reviewed here-

This is the highlight part of your look as in daylight your eye makeup looks the best!
But don't go overboard with it..keep it soft and subtle yet highlighting your eyes and play with colours ;)

I used the Sephora waterproof eyepencil in "Surfer babe" peacock green color and Gold shadow with a subtle brown on the crease .
in my waterline i mixed the same liner along with black kohl to create a smudged natural look :)
Finished with a maybelline colossal waterproof mascara.

TIP:Make sure to use waterproof products on eye/face as they will last longer when you are out! :)


go for Nudes as it'll give u a more natural look which u want for this look.I went for Lakme 9to5Red chaos (peachy nude) which i reviewed here-
nude lipstick must-haves
along with miss claire soft matte lip cream in 15A
And i totally loved how this look turned out :D <3

So i hope you like the Summer lookbook (Day Edition) and the night edition is also coming up very soon :D

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Stay stylish,Keep smiling