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Nykaa Nailpaint Collection

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[P.S- It is with time i have developed my love for their nailpaints and hence sharing the same with you, so you all can enjoy it too & thank me later ;) now Lets begin with the review..

Since we are in peak summers in the month of June and its that month of the year where we love our Pastels, neons or vibrant colors on ourselves whether clothes or Nailpaints.

Nykaa came out with pastels last year and added soo many gorgeous shades this year that i couldn't hold myself from adding them to my collection as the formula is really good and doesn't chip on your nails for good 4-5 days if applied well!

Look at these beautiful shades..They have a hugeee color collection ranging from Pastels to Pop to Nudes to even Shimmer.

I have most shades from Pastels as i love pastels specially in summer and they look great year round to match all my outfits, and few from the Pop  & Nudes collection.I am yet to try there shimmer ones but il be sharing with you all the shades i own from there other 3 types from their nail collection.

The old pastel shades launched for Rs 149 for Rs 10 ml which is such an affordable pricing :D

Hoewever there New pastel shades which launched this year are for Rs 179 for Rs 10ml which is again really affordable in comparison to brands like Colorbar, lakme absolute etc. which have similar pastel shades.

Nykaa Claims it to be free of these five chemicals -
(Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde , Formaldehyde Resin and camphor)

which is a big yayy as these are considered to harm your nails!

Nykaa nailpaints have a UVfilter which prevents them from yellowing and discoloration :D 

They Also guarantee high gloss gel like perfection, which holds true if applied two coats..Also it has two fold plasticizer which prevents it from chipping :D *YAYY*

Now let me show you the shades & their swatches under their different categories.


NYKAA Pastels have my heart..i feel like owning almost all the shades and i have quite a few as they have a hugeee range from shades of pink to blues to reds to purples to oranges.. basically everyone would find their favourite in them.

I got some of these last year in 2015 and i did a haul post about them too..
you can check it later here-

Nykaa festive shopping haul

Nykaa Pastels Collection comprises of Superior Nail lacquer with light reflecting pigments that deliver high shine and long lasting color <3 :)

Let me share some of the shades and  swatches for you girls.

1. BubbleYUM

Its such a pretty bubblegum pink color, It retails for Rs 149 which is soo affordable for such great quality and color which lasts fr a week if applied well :D 

2. Cotton Candy

Its a beautiful pastel pink which is so lovely to wear for the summers,reminds me of cotton candy in fairs  :D i love it when i want a hint of subtle pink.Its a very classy color.A must have! :) It retails for Rs 179.

3) Sugar frosting

It is such a beautiful white pink..which gives such a classy look and the best part about it is ,it makes your nails stand out.It will match all your outfits. Its the perfect pinky white for the Summers. This is one of my all time favourites. It retails for Rs179 :) 

I have put together the pink family so you don't get confused which shade you wana go for, or you wana go for all like me ;)

4. Mint Meringue &
5. Blue Lime slush

Beat the Monday blues by putting this on a Sunday night and go to work/college with these beautiful shades of blue, which not only calms the eyes but makes you feel gud when you look at them. :D

Mint meringue is the color on the left which is a beautiful Mint color to compliment your whites,or outfits which have a hint of mint ;) It is priced at Rs 149

However BlueLime Slush is a out n out sky blue color, perfect to beat the monday blues or your perfect beach holiday color or to match your whites and blue toned outfits! It  is priced at Rs 179

Love these shades! :)

6. Hasta La pista

Its a gorgeous Mint Green shade.All of them are very different which completes my collection of Shades of Blue pastels :)
Its such a classy color, it compliments all my pastel green outfits, it would look great with whites and blacks too.. Mint green is a new trend and i love how it even compliments the neon outfits too.It retails fr Rs149 :)

7. Lavender Drizzle

This is one of my most loved color in this collection :D Its a pretty lilac color :)
As the name suggest Lavender Drizzle, it immediately takes me to an exotic frame of mind as i can relate it with the Lavender fragrance which is one of my favourite scents in Body showers/soaps and even lavender essential oil is so calming & therapeutic :D <3

So since i love the pastels so much i tried to create a rainbow effect with them through these nailpaints. I loved how it looked.. :D
You can definitely wear this and even add glitter to a nail or bit of rhinestones on all nails to funk it up :D

8.Violet Macroon

They also have few pastels from oranges, greys, creamy whites etc from their pastel collection and out of those i have a beautiful grey with a hint of purple reflex..
It looks much more beautiful in reality than what it looks on their site.

Its the one on the right, if you observed it has a mix of purple sheen to it, which looks fabulous when applied :D It retails for Rs149.
It is such a unique color. I use it specially in winter with my darker coloured outfits n it looks amazing. :)

II Nykaa Nudes Collection

They launched their nudes collection starting of this year and its a boon for all the girls who loves their nude nailpaints, from orangy to browny to greyey nudes, they have a Nude color for every1s taste :)

9. Lavender Buttercream

I picked up Lavender Buttercream from this collection,which is the one on the left of this pic.
Its not the same in any way from the Violet macroon. Voilet macroon has a purple sheen whereas the lavender buttercream is a light greyey color with a very light lavender undertone and it has no sheen, it is creamy matte.

The color on the middle finger is the Violet macroon with double coat and the one on all the nails is the Lavender buttercream.

III Nykaa Pop nail enamel collection

These are the darker shades in the Nykaa nail enamels, the ones that pop up on your hands with darker tones...perfect when you want to wear shades of reds, some darker plums, greys.

These are perfect for winters or when you have to match your darker coloured outfits or maybe when your mood is to go all out there!

I have some shades of red and purple from this collection.

10. Watermelon sorbet
11. Strawberry Tart

These are gorgeous shades of red.
On the left is the Watermelon sorbet and on the right is the strawberry tart.
These are perfect for weddings or the Indian outfits which have bright reds or pinks.
They are also perfect for the Winter season when you want a perfect pop of color.
They both retail fr Rs 149. :)

12. Why so Plum?

Its a dark plumy shade, perfect for winter season
when you want your nails also a little darker according to the season.

It adds life to your mauvy, grey, black outfits.Retails for Rs.149

Also showing you different shades purples according to your taste.Last one as i told you has a purple sheen along with grey.

Girls i hope you must be curious to try your hands on it.

 so linking it all for you below, so you can go and splurge  :D 
  Nykaa Nailpaint 

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  2. O my my! That's some collection you have girl. I loved the mint green and lavender buttercream. Joined your blog.

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    1. thanks a Lot Meehnia :D Yes i really Loveeee Nykaa nailpaints..n i have a good collection...will order some more..I also have a collection of Maybelline color show..Colorbar and others :)
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  3. Can you please post the pics of nykaa caramel macchiato @priya blogger ...
    Thank you

    1. Thanks for your comment Nehal, i dont have caramel macchiato in my collection but its a pretty shade, you should go for it.Also i swatched and reviewed all my Nykaa matte range here.. you can check it out