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Hi Girls :)
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As you must've read from the Title i'll be sharing my Rimmel Haul :D 
I did this haul some months ago but i just couldn't find the time to post it ..Also i wanted to check it out & review for you all..
so Lets begin... :)


This comes in a round compaq form with transparent plastic lid packaging. It claims to be Long lasting and a Mattifying Powder.
I got it in the Shade 001 Transparent.

It retails for Rs 250 for 14 gms which is one of the cheapest powders in the market.

Some of Its Ingredients include:
Talc (which helps in controling the oil) ,mica,coconut oil,mineral oil which makes it so soft and not powdery!

At first i was apprehensive to buy it as i never thought it would work..i thought it to be just a regular drugstore powder.But to my surprise it does control oil on your T zone (for combination skin) like me or face( for oil skin beauties) upto 6-7 hours after which you can touch up if you are still out.

There are certains cons like:
  • Packaging is not very travel friendly as it does not come with a Mirror! You will have to rush to a washroom or a vanity table to apply this, or maybe use your hand mirrors!
  • The plastic lid on it can easily crack if kept with stronger packaged products as its quite dainty!
  • Always runs out of stock or some people can't even find it easily!
But still I would say this is definitely a must try, they have 7-8 shades available and i picked up transparent as i just wanted it to mattify the T zone not add more color after my foundation.
I picked it up from Parcos in Saket :)
So whenever you go there do make sure to check it out :D

I give it 4.5 stars :)

2. Rimmel I <3 Lasting Finish Nailpaints

First of all lets take a moment to appreciate this cuteness :D <3 I was immediately sold when i saw this on the counter and why one..i had to pick up two and i loved these gorgeous colors.

I lovedd how the applicator has that england flag detailing and its written I <3 lasting finish with the hearts :D Super adorable packaging!

I got one matte purple shade which is such a beautiful purple and a pearly turquoise which has an incandescent sheen to it.

The matte one is opaque in one go and the sheen one requires 2 coats.. It retails for Rs 145 each n totally recommend you girls :)

I give it 4 star and 3.5 respectively!

3. Rimmel Exaggerate Lip liner

I had heard from some Youtubers that this lip liner is quite nice in the drugstore range so i had to try it!

I got mine in the Shade Eastend Snob from Nykaa for Rs 315 which seemed pretty decent for a twist up roll on lip liner. 

The outer packaging matches with the color of the lip pencil to identify its shade in your vanity!

The product rolls up and down for usage so no need to sharpen it :D
It is very pigmented and soft. So soft that  if you open too much of the product it can break easily, so you have to be carefull.

I loved this everyday nude shade and i definitely recommend this liner.

One thing to be care full about  it is that it dries matte when filled in your lips so prep your lips b4 putting this on.
and you can rock this just alone or under a lipstick of your choice :)

I would give it 4 stars :D

So Girls i hope you liked my haul & review.
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Till then Stay beautiful, Keep smiling
xoxo :D

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