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NUDE Lipstick Collection

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Now lets jump straight to the post!

There are different colored skin tones.. fair, medium and dark so i would suggest you some shades and will include comparison of previous swatches so that it can help you find your kind of Nude lipstick, which can never go out of trend and are perfect for every day wear to work/college or even to rock with bold Smokey eye makeup! 

I will be sharing all my Nude lipsticks collection ,so keep reading and enjoy ☺

1. Faces Ultime Pro Matte Lip crayon  - Shade-Blushing Nude


These crayons have been in the market for a year but recently they launched around 11 new shades in their existing colour range and boy oh boy you know when anything new launches in the market, i am like yes take my money i will be trying it and reviewing it for my readers :)
I went for this gorgeous PINKY NUDE colour.
On fair skin it would look pinky nude and on darker/warmer skin tones it would look a flat out nude.

So creamy,opaque and very long lasting.Only con is you have to sharpen but i totally recommend it for all skin types.

Retails for Rs 799 !
Rating- 5/5☆☆☆☆☆

2. Chambor Crayon - Shade- Honey Rose

This is a similar crayon lipstick like the faces one and creamy and pigmented too but this shade is a perfect nude which i recommend for light to fair to medium skin tones.It would not suit dark skin toned beauties.
Its perfect to wear it everyday or even to wear with a bold smokey eye or it can even be used as a lipstick base for dark lipsticks to tone their color down :)
It is again a sharpable crayon but lasts for a long time on lips.

Retails for Rs 845/-
Rating 4.5/5 ☆☆☆☆✵

3. Maybelline New York Color sensational Creamy matte-
Shade - Touch of Spice

Can't even begin to describe this beauty! take a look!

These are officially brought to India by Nykaa as i doubt these are available in store as of now. You do get the normal colour sensational maybelline lipsticks but these are the creamy matte ones and you should know that matte lipsticks are my love ☺❤
So i wanted to pick up a nude shade from this range and i picked up this light mauvey nude,its such a gorgeous colour, that if you will be wearing people will ask you which shade is it :) Definitely a must have!

Its so creamy and opaque in a single swipe and transforms the same on your lips,it is perfect for all skin types and i think everyone should own a color from this range even if they don't like nudes as they have good colors and so so affordable! its a total thumbs up from me and i will definitely be buying more colors in this range!

Retails for Rs 575
Rating 5/5 ☆☆☆☆☆

4. Nykaa So matte winter collection - Shade- Irish Coffee

So if you guys dont know yet besides their nailpaints Nykaa has their lipstick and kajal/eyeliner line..
They had an original so matte line..
then they came out with their winter collection and i got many shades from both (so comment below or on my social media if you would like a post on them as well)

So one of the lipstick shade from their winter collection was IRISH COFFEE
and when i saw it on their insta post, i knew it was coming home, as it was a different Nudey brown for me and it is such a unique shade for me as i was not into browny nudes at all but lately i am down to experimenting any colour!

 This can look more lightbrown on light to fair skin tones..a nude for medium to deep skin tones! But it looks perfect on every skin tone and if you are looking for a nudey brown/brown this is a very nice colour to have ☺ I totally recommend these lipsticks for their staying power, very long lasting and a classy luxurious packaging with a magnetic closer cap but the only con is that i like my lipsticks a little more matte than they claim to be, but u can definitely make it matte by mattifying them down with tissue!

Rating 4/5 ☆☆☆☆★
Retails for Rs 399

Also to add to the excitement NYKAA has come up with their own NUDES lipstick Collection which i will be trying soon and do a seperate post on it!

5. Colourpop Cosmetics- Ultra satin Lipstick Shade- Alyssa


Colourpop cosmetics is a US brand of makeup, which you are unaware then you are totally not a makeup/lipstick lover or living under a rock!
With all the hype on the Internet and Big youtubers making it so famous everyone wanted to jump on the bandwagon to try and so did i!

I have previously also reviewed colour pop for you here-
 Colourpop Haul

This was a part of my colourpop collection, please comment if you would like to see all of it!

Now talking about the Ultra satin lipsticks, they are like liquid lipsticks but they do not dry completely matte and do not even 1 bit feel uncomfortable on your lips! Many makeup lovers prefer there Ultra satin lipstick to their Ultra matte lipstick!
I tried the ultra satin lips formula and fell in love. I can't say enough good things, they are super long lasting, so so pigmented and come with a wand to apply, transfer very slight only if u eat like an oily meal and so easy to carry and comes is various nude and other shades.

One of my fav youtubers is Kathleen who collaborated with Colourpop to give us this gorgeous ultra satin lipstick called Alyssa and when i saw it i knew i had to buy! Its a light hue of pink for light skin tones but for medium to dark skin tones its a pinky nude. I dont recommend this shade to very dark skin toned girls!

It retails for 6$ on the website but if you buy it from other pages i mentioned in my previous colourpop blogpost , you might get it slightly expensive, but this formula of lipstick is must have , so i would definitely suggest you to go to their site and checkout their shades and place the order :)

Retails 6$ (site) around 450
 Rs 600/700 on other retailers sites which is not bad considering the quality of product 
Rating 5/5 ☆☆☆☆☆

6. Colourpop Ultra satin lips shade - Calypso

They also have a gorgeous shade Calypso which is a peachy light browny nude and absolutely gorgeous on light/medium skin tones . 
For darker skin tones it wouldn't show up as much as it has a slight peachier in tone, it can wash you out!

Retails for 6$
Rating ☆☆☆☆☆

7. Colourpop Lippie Stix- Shade- Lumiere

Its also a collab of kathleen lights with coloupop and i absolutely love this pinky mauvey is on extreme left ..i have reviewed this lippie stix earlier you can check out here-

The lipsticks i am about to add to this collection i have reviewed them previously here, if you want more in depth analysis for them i will link it here for you to check out -

Including the swatches and price here for a comparison!

8. Maybelline Colour show matte shade- Mysterious Mocha

Light browny nude for fair skin tones and True Nude for medium/dark skin tones.
Retails for Rs 325
Rating ☆☆☆★★

9. Maybelline colour show matte shade- Lively Violet

It is a mauvey light violet nude for all skin tones!
Retails for Rs 325
Rating ☆☆☆★★
Only cons to these are, they can transfer with meals but with this price,its worth it!

10. Lakme 9 to 5 Matte lipstick shade- Red Chaos

The shade is not red as the name says but a deep peachy nude with slight brick red undertones.
Very unique colour goes on smooth and pigmented and long lasting too.
Retails for Rs450
Rating 4/5 ☆☆☆☆★

11. NYX Matte lipstick Shade- Whipped caviar

Its a Gorgeous shade.. Its perfect for fair to medium skin tones as its a perfect pinky light mauvey of my fav nudes i own!
I have reviewed this lipstick previously here-

Retails for - Rs 625 (on nykaa)
Rating- 4/5 ☆☆☆☆★
Only con is it is slightly transferrable!

12. Miss claire soft matte lip cream shade - 15 A

This is only for fair/medium not dark skin tonned beauties as it will wash you out..For fair skin its subtle peachy colour, for people who dont like subdued nude colours.
Miss claire also has a shade 31 whch is more nude!Its very affordable and lasts long!

Retails for Around Rs 250-300 depending which market you buy from!
Rating 4/5 ☆☆☆☆★

13. Rimmel lasting finish Shade -070 Airy fairy

Its more of a sheer finish than pigmented colour. It can be a good nude sheen for people with lighter skin tones and for darker skin tones only a lipstick topper to lighten their shades.
Retails for Rs 275
Rating 3/5 ☆☆☆★★

14. La Splash Liquid lipstick in shade - Latte

Its the perfect nude with light brown undertones for light/medium skin tones and for dark skin tones a perfect neutral nude.
Its a liquid lipstick so it would dry matte and wont budge until u take it off. Liquid lipsticks are pricer than normal formulated drugstore lipsticks but are totally worth it.
Retails for Rs 950 on beauty bay site ,Also available on Nykaa
Rating 5/5 ☆☆☆☆☆

15. Chambor Transferproof Liquid lipstick shade- 401

I have reviewed these previously here-
Its a dupe of posie k by kylie lipsticks and long lasting and matte.
A true pinky deep mauve for lighter skin tones and mauvey nude for darker skin tones!
Must have!
Retails for Rs 845 
Rating 4.5/5 ☆☆☆☆✵

16. Lakme mousse lip and cheek stain shade- Rose touch

Last but not the least, this new lip and mousse lip and cheek stain in rose touch is the perfect mauvey pinky nude and looks soo gorgeous on fair/medium skin tones ..and a light mauve on deep skin tones..This colour will look good on all skin tones and lasts very very long!
Retails for 575
Rating 5/5 ☆☆☆☆☆
Its a Dupe of nyx soft matte lip cream.must have and comes in one more nude shade i.e coffee lite, you can try that as well!

Girls i know it was a long collection but i am  a huge makeup lover/ lipstick lover and i love to review for you guys!
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