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Nykaa So-Matte Lipstick Collection

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I am back with another very exciting Post for you lovelies!

By the Title you must have guessed it, yes i will be reviewing and swatching all my Nykaa lipsticks for you girls , so that you can pick your favourites from them :)

So Nykaa had come out with three So- matte collections:-

1. The Original So-Matte Collection- (12 Lipsticks)
2. The So- Matte Winter Collection - ( 8 Lipsticks)
3. The So-Matte Nudes Collection - (8 Lipsticks)

  I purchased from the So-Matte Collection and the So-matte Winter collection so i will be reviewing those for you.

I dint yet buy from their nudes collection as i have a plethora of nude lipsticks and i have even reviewed and swtached my entire Nude lipstick collection.. so make sure to check it out here-
Nude Lipstick Collection

So The original So-matte collection launched around october end and they had launched several pinks,few berry toned colours and two nude lipsticks.
They named all the lipstick with name and numbers both.
From 1M to 12 M 

All these lipsticks retail for Rs 399 each.
The formula of these lipsticks is satin finish not matte but if you
blot them with a tissue then they do set matte.
They come in this pink cardboard packaging with Nykaa logo on top.

The lipsticks come in the black magnetic plastic case packaging, which looks so high end, and i have never seen any drugstore lipstick in such a classy packaging but the down side is these lipsticks feel bulky to travel with if you want to take more than two of these shades.

But the shades that Nykaa has come up with are so gorgeous that i overlook that :)

These have very good pigmentation as nykaa claims and is very long lasting.
It would last on your lips even after a meal but they have a slight transfer, but that it given as this is not a liquid lipstick.
They are very hydrating and do not dry your lips in long wear!

I was so elated when these came out and i picked up two from the original so matte collection - 7M Wicked wine & 10M Mischievous Plum

and then i got more excited when the winter collection came out.From them i got 15 M sugar plum martini, 17M Cranberry sangria and 18M Irish coffee from their So-matte winter collection range!

Lets begin the #Swatches

1. Wicked Wine 7M-

This is such a gorgeous true red wine colour!
This took my heart the moment i saw it. It is a must have in your collection if you are looking for that perfect wine colour with red undertones for a party,wedding or just to wear a beautiful bold colour :)

It is definitely a very pretty wine color.
I give it 4.5/5

2. Mischievous Plum 10M-

This is a Very unique plum shade. It seems very dark in the tube but it is a very nice berry toned colour with purply undertones.

If you have a bold and out there personality you wouldn't shy away from such deep plum tones.
This also makes it a perfect winter lipstick when all you dig is berry tones and dark reds!

These type of shades are perfect for the winter months and even for weddings/parties!
I would rate it 4/5

Let me show you a comparison of both of these-

So Divine wine is more red based and the other is more purply berry toned! Both are a great pick!

Now let me take you through the So-matte winter collection!

3. Sugar Plum Martini 15M-

This colour is such a pretty berry colour with slight specs of gold glitter, but these do not transfer while applying which is a good thing.
It has hints of reddish berry undertones.

This one is not as much out there as the divine wine and mischievous plum, this is more subtle , which you can build up for a more dramatic colour.

I would rate it 4/5

Lets do a swatch comparison of all three-

You can check from the swatches that Mischievous plum is purple based,Divine wine is red based and sugar plum martini is a true berry toned colour. So you can choose whatever color you prefer as all these colours will suit all skin tones!

4. Irish Coffee 18M

This is such a stunning light nude colour for the duskier skin beauties and a light brown for fair/medium skin girls. It is such a unique and a trending colour. This season besides the berry tones, the warm nudes/browns were trending  and hence i had to pick it up!

It is perfect to pick it up to wear it everyday to office/college or to even pair with your dark smokey eye look!
I would rate it 4.5/5

& lastly i got the shade

5. Cranberry Sangria 17M

Cranberry sangria is a deep red colour and you can see in comparison to Divine wine that divine wine is more pink based wine colour where as this has pure dark red undertones. 

In comparison to this Sugar plum martini is plumy berry colour  and Michievous plum is more darker berry purple colour.

I rate it 4.5/5

So i hope these swatches help you pick your favourites out of these gorgeous Nykaa So-matte lipstick  shades.

Let me know in comments below, which one was your favourite or you would like to buy & don't forget to sign up with your Gmail Id so you get notified of my future reviews.You can also join my Social media, links are on the top right as i post all beauty/lifestyle updates there!

Also,You can buy the collection from here-
nykaa so-matte lipstick collection

Keep Smiling, stay beautiful!☺

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